Our mission

ISEE is dedicated to bringing the insights and techniques of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) to key sectors of our society - our schools, families, communities and the workplace in order to foster healthy relationships. We use the well researched and validated SEL framework - self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skill and responsible decision making - and have expanded it to include a 6th component - interconnectedness / interdependence - in order to facilitate the explicit teaching of compassion, interconnectedness, cooperative learning, conflict resolution and ethics.

Our vision

Our theoretical framework is organized in 3 domains of ME, YOU and US. At the core of our practical framework is the acquisition of a literacy of feelings and needs and its application in each of the 3 domains. This model helps us teach and develop in a non-linear way, fundamental human skills and values. By bringing forward and teaching in a clear and efficient way these fundamental human skills, this model brings in a new consciousness in not only the individual, but also the communities, and ensures effective change such as healthier relationships and compassionate climate in schools, families, and the workplace.